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Take your personal self development to the next level & discover how you can help others with these amazing tools as a coach! 

What if I told you, you could get everything you wanted in life? & it was all within reach? 

And the key to unlock it all is already within you 

By transforming your thinking, emotions & behaviours you can create the lasting & profound change you crave 

So that you can...

➾ Develop deeper connections 

➾ Discover your learning style & how that shapes your world

➾ Communicate more effectively  

➾ Rewire old limiting beliefs & behaviours  

➾ Remove negative thought patterns

➾ Reprogram your brain to easily create the life you truly want!

Discover The Power Of NLP 

Or Neuro-Linguistic Programming 

How your beliefs, experiences, memories & emotions plus your language & self talk create your reality, your programs, your behaviours & your habits 

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What To Expect 

Over the course you will discover over 90 virtual training videos designed to help you learn & retain... 

#1.  Introduction to NLP 

What it is & the history behind it

Gaining an understanding of how the creators used it to make small shifts that resulted in massive changes in how we give meaning to the world around us

And how you can use these principles to set yourself & your clients up for success

#2.  The N, the L, & the P

How the mind works, the brain is structured & how you can rewire your thinking

How to your words are influencing you & those around you 

How your programs are formed & have shaped your everyday behaviours  

#3.  Tools & Techniques 

Learning the techniques NLP practitioner use to create massive results in reprogramming current believes & behaviours 

How you can establish better connections with other, remove disempowering behaviours for good, anchor in positive resources & so much more 

#4.  Language Patterns 

Discovering the power of our words & how we can use them to speak directly with the unconscious mind to become an effective communicator & leader, captivating those around us with our words 


NLP Practitioner is a Certification Program you can use to start or grow your coaching practice! 

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Action Taker Bonus: Register before June 1st, 2023 & be eligible to attend 1 of 2, 3 day live NLP events!

CEO & founder of Tanya Lleigh Coaching 

Mindset & Empowerment Guide, Master Practitioner & Instructor of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Coach, Course Creator, Matrix Therapies & Reiki Practitioner

Specializing in supporting those who are feeling stuck and like they are living the life someone else told them too

By shifting the way they look at & feel about themselves. Ditching the thought patterns & beliefs that got them here & supporting them as they start to live life on their terms

Tanya Lleigh Coaching was founded on the mission of helping others discover how worthy they are & inspiring simple shifts to embrace transformation, confidence & empowerment in their lives without having to go through tragedy or trauma to become their authentic self 

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Action Taker Bonus: Register before June 1st, 2023 & be eligible to attend 1 of 2, 3 day live NLP events!

What Others Are Saying 

"I more or less stumbled onto NLP while talking to other strategists about their communication styles and social space.

The more I researched NLP, the more I realized this was in exact alignment to the mindset practices I present to my business clients, and I decided to join this certification program.

I’m halfway through Tanya’s NLP Practitioner Certification and it has been so much more than I was expecting! I find myself already applying some of the skills and verbiage in my own teachings. Not to mention I’m better able to call myself out on my own programmed BS and barriers. Really excited to finish this one."  

Austin B 

"When I saw Tanya's NLP Practitioner Course, I was so excited because I have been hearing about NLP for awhile and have been intrigued.

What I loved most about the course is the examples Tanya offers so you can easily understand the concepts and teachings. This course has transformed the way I think about life & how I work in my business. If you are looking to reach your next level of success personally or professionally, this course is a must to invest in."

Sailynn D

The FUN Business Coach

“Thank you, Tanya, for offering this course, it was like going on my own personal development journey. Through the content I feel I learned new concepts, re-learned old ones, & found ways to apply them to my own life. I became more aware of and able to identify things like my own limiting beliefs & ways I currently use language patterns that do not serve me when interacting with the people closest to me, particularly my 4yr old daughter. Overall, the content created a greater sense of awareness about my own thought patterns, belief systems & behaviours & how these things are all interconnected.

Concepts were broken down into smaller sections making it easier to remain engaged in the content, retain the information & go back to find information when needed. I also loved how Tanya was there in every video talking me through the content. Seeing her face made me feel like I was part of the class rather than just there listening to voice over slides or reading content on my own. The NLP techniques demos were great too. Seeing the techniques done live & on zoom was so important for solidifying the “how-to” for me & alleviated a lot of questions I had. 

For anyone thinking about taking this course, just say yes! At the very least you will learn something new about yourself, but you just might level up your own coaching career in ways you never thought possible with a new level of awareness, understanding & some great tools to support!” 

Erin K 

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Action Taker Bonus: Register before June 1st, 2023 & be eligible to attend 1 of 2, 3 day live NLP events!

NLP Master Practitioner & Instructor, EFT (tapping), Matrix Therapies (hypnotherapy), Reiki Practitioner, Law of Attraction & Archetypal Coaching  

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